About Max Scratchmann

Max Scratchmann has been an artist and writer since the late 1970s. He is also a well-known performance poet and speaker.

Max Scratchmann’s father was a Dundonian jute worker employed in the Indian mills, and Max’s early childhood was spent being repeatedly shuttled to and fro Scotland and the Far East before finally coming to rest in Dundee in 1970.

Finding it difficult to fit in with his peers in this ever-changing landscape – and being totally useless at football and organised games of any sort – he quickly took refuge in books and painting, and began his illustrious career in the arts when he sold his first painting at the tender age of seventeen at the Anstruther Annual Art Fair in 1973.

After university Max migrated south and spent much of his adult life in England working in the cut-and-thrust world of freelance illustration for London publishers as diverse as the Wall Street Journal and the Big Issue, but he returned to Scotland in 1999, initially trying his luck as a downshifter in Orkney before eventually settling on the East Coast in 2005.

Max is equally well known for both his lush and darkly intriguing art and his humorous writings; and he was a big hit at the 2013 Edinburgh Festival with his warmly amusing one-man-show, The Last Burrah Sahibs, based on his autobiographical book of the same title.

He is also an accomplished performance poet, being one of the four Inky Fingers’ Poets on a Bus at 2013’s Edinburgh History Festival; and his poem, Snow Globes, was a recent prize winner in the 2014 Dear Scotland international writing contest.

Max Scratchmann currently lives and works in Edinburgh.

You can contact Max at max.scratchmann@btinternet.com



2 responses to “About Max Scratchmann

  1. Ahoy Max!

    We apologize for putting this in your blog comments but couldn’t find a contact for you on your blog.

    We’ve been watching you and like your style. You may even know us. We’d like to invite you to be a member of our very Private Literary Club: The Inferno/ A Writer’s Challenge.

    We select on the most talented and creative. It’s so much fun…. But when you enter- BEWARE! You’re entering the abyss of the writer’s mind! You may not find your way out.

    You’re welcome to check us out while drinking your brew or pull up a chair and share your literary ramblings. We don’t bite. At least not until we get to know you better.

    No Tricks or trifle found on our ship. It’s free. Any fool who may want to publish your work will be directed to your email contact for you to feast upon.

    Be sure and contact CAPTAIN LOU.
    After all, this is a very private club. We don’t allow just any wandering scoundrel in our midst.

    Don’t dilly dally now! Come see us- that is if you’re a daring soul?

    Farewell…until we hear from you,

    The Crew of The Inferno
    The Inferno is a subsidiary site of The Artist Challenge.

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