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Kim Kardashian’s Bum

I went to read the paper, to learn of serious things,

Of wars and death and famine, and cocaine trafficking rings,

But of that learnéd content, there was not much, alas,

But there was a two-page feature, on Kim Kardashian’s ass.


So I phoned the busy news desk, said, is all right in the world?

There is no serious content, in your rag, being unfurled,

They said, we’ve got it covered, there’s no need to be glum,

Be assured our top priority is Kim Kardashian’s bum.


But what about the genocides, the pestilence and famine,

The corporate tax evaders, the merc’ry poisoned salmon?

But all I heard was silence, they’d decamped to Pizza Hut,

To plan tomorrow’s leader, on Kim Kardashian’s butt.



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