The End of the World

Tonight is the end of the world, everything we know will be unfurled,
There will no longer be night or day, towns and cities swept away,
The evening sky will be torn with thunder, light and darkness ripped asunder,
And then?

Will we start again?

Will God build another Eden in the location once called Sweden?
Adam and Eve recast as platinum blonde, of herring and vodka fond,
But of a certain gloomy disposition,
perhaps God’s plan requires revision?

So let’s set Eden in the former USA, with the first family settled in the hay,
With a nuclear arsenal and bags of potato chips, an army, an airforce and a whole fleet of ships…

Or, maybe it’s better we just call the whole Armageddon thing off, and just leave life as it is
after twelve o’clock.


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Filed under black humor, black humour, Cautionary tale, comic verse, funny poem, humor, humorous verse, humour, whimsy

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