Election Day Blues

Tomorrow it is polling day, I have to go and vote,
It is my civic duty and an act of extreme note,
I have my ballot paper and my shiny bright rosette,
But who I’m going to vote for I have not decided yet.

One says he has done all he can to make my life sublime,
The other promises untold wealth for me and all of mine,
But though they’re much opposéd and from both sides of the coin,
If you stand them both together you can hardly see the join.

And I have this dread opinion, though I won’t say it out loud,
That they’re both just out for number one, oh that does not make me proud,
But though I’ll go and vote next morn and with my brothers join,
I’ll make my big decision with the tossing of a coin.


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Filed under black humor, black humour, Cautionary tale, comic verse, funny poem, humour, whimsy

One response to “Election Day Blues

  1. hahaha… that’s the way to go… makes no difference these days who you vote.. they are all as bad as each other… good luck!

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