Twanking on Twitter

Oh me name is Aloysius Motorola Fred McSkitter,
And I wears me dirty raincoat when I’m twanking off on Twitter,
I send my Tweets to blondie girls to read on their i-Phone,
And all the while I’m sitting here a-polishing my bone.

I’m the scourge of cyber dating, an instrument of scorn,
You call it social network, I call it network porn,
So lock up all your daughters, here comes the Twitter Twanker,
And I do it all from RBS where I’m a merchant banker.



Filed under bawdy verse, black humor, black humour, comic verse, humor, humorous verse, humour, Internet Verse, Nonsense verse, Web Poetry, whimsy

2 responses to “Twanking on Twitter

  1. Patrick Moriarty

    Dear Max

    I greatly enjoyed your poems–I think writing comic poems is far better than writing the pretentious crap amateur poets (and too many recognised ones) are prone to come up with.


  2. Thank you Patrick. Poets like me find it difficult to be serious, so are saved (most of the time) from having our heads up our own arses!

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