Alice in Hello Magazine

I came upon a weather girl, relaxing in her chair,
And a long-forgotten anchor man who hadn’t any hair,
Ah-ha, I said to Wonder Dog, who watched from down below,
I’ve drifted off to Celebland, that’s also called, Hello.

For there are church parades of royals from countries long extinct,
And hordes of minor starlets showing off their kitchen sinks,
A brace of soap and TV stars, a glamour girl or two,
And four-and-twenty TV chefs a-cooking Irish stew.

Oh give to me the Cheshire Cat and not the Cheshire Wives,
A Hatter not from Ascot, the Duchess with her knives,
Not this panoply of boring farts who flock to court our hand,
Oh throw them back and take us down to the forgotten Wonderland.



Filed under comic verse, funny poem, humor, humorous verse, humour, literary parody, parody, whimsy

2 responses to “Alice in Hello Magazine

  1. I love this one!
    We seem to share the fault of unfashionably writing rhyme that actually does – and scans, too. Tut, tut. Of course, yours are a lot more polished. I quite accurately label mine as ‘really awful’.

  2. I have tried to do the angry-poet-blank-verse thing, but it always just comes out like a parody, so now I just stick to rhyme and parodies. Why fight it!

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