The Scottish Election Blues

I hear the sound of eighties pop, it is the SNP,
Who think that retro music will extort a vote from me,
The Labour party’s different, they go the other way,
And think that snarky comments will win election day.

The UK Independents, though, have sussed our country’s ills,
And woo me with elaborate plans to banish all wind mills,
But my new election favourite, is Tory, Sandy Powel,
Who has a manifesto, that really makes me howl.

He’ll tear down all the parks and grounds and put up shopping malls,
And asks me, please, to vote for him to help him build these halls,
Which has left me clearly thinking that the whole damn bunch I’ll bin,
‘Cause no matter which I vote for, the government will get in.


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Filed under Cautionary tale, funny poem, humor, humorous verse, humour, whimsy

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