Upon my stomach medicine, the sign says, Do Not Freeze,
It’s like a pair of slippers that calls out, Not For Knees,
Or microwaveable chicken, saying, Do Not Heat The Eggs,
Or socks from Marks & Spencer’s that tell us, Just For Legs.

So would a battery vibrator say, Not For Use On Bums,
Or a jar of Peptobismol say, Only Use For Tums,
A pair of woolly earmuffs, declare, Please, For The Head,
Or a bright and shiny coffin, say, Only For The Dead?

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One response to “Signs

  1. I chanced upon your blog while searching for “comic versus nonsense verse”. Is there a difference? I just translated a comic ballad by Oliver Wendell Holmes and didn’t really find it all that nonsensical, quite plausible, in fact. Apart from the last line about the underwater oyster-shop.

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