Edgar Allen Poe at Asda

I walked into a menswear shop to buy myself a suit,
A shirt; some socks; a pullover; a leather belt to boot,
The shopman he did say to me, you’re buying clothes, that’s good,
But tell me, sir, I’d like to know, just why you’re standing nude?

Well, George, I kindly said to him, the sign said t’was his name,
I was out with my own Lenore and we played a dirty game,
We each undressed and held on tight to have some saucy fun,
But just as I was on the brink, she said she had to run.

She grabbed her clothes and grabbed mine too, my shoes; my coat; my wallet,
My briefcase; braces; shirt and tie; my novel by Ken Follet,
And so I sought your humble shop, my pride set to restore,
And if fair maids broach sexy deeds I’ll answer, Nevermore.

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