Christmas Party Nibbles

Hello, it’s me, I’m here for tea, I’ll have a slice of cake,
That mincemeat pie is good for I, ‘twas nice of you to bake.
That chocolate liqueur, I’ll have for sure, and a Meltis Newbury Fruit,
And a turkey leg, I’ll surely beg, I’m sure it’s on my route.
This Toblerone is quite my own, and I’ll have some Turkish Delight,
Some marzipan? Yes, I’m your man, I could eat that stuff all night.
A chocolate coin, a glass of wine, and German ginger bread,
An Advocaat, straight from the jar, it will go to my head.
Ooo, sausage roll, and toad in the hole, as made by Mrs Beeton,
But just a part of that rich jam tart, it’s not long since I’ve just eaten.

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