Rehearsal for Christmas

I look into the mirror, and set my happy face,
For soon it will be Christmastide, I must keep up the pace,
And so I smile a great big smile, as I mime taking a box,
Oh, Auntie, they are lovely, I’ve always wanted socks.

And, Bobby, my, that’s wonderful, it will all dirt expunge,
However did you realise that I would want a sponge?
But, Mother, this is best of all, you’ve turned a new year leaf,
I can’t express my gratitude for this Poundland handkerchief!

Yes, Christmastime is coming, you may think that it is bunk,
But please rehearse your happy face for when they give you junk,
For though you be the grumpy Grinch, who all tradition flouts,
Remember, when they give you crap, it is the thought that counts.

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