Christmas Time in Primark

It was Christmas time in Primark, and gifts were in the store,
And Xmas wrap and festive socks and mistletoe by the door,
The staff were all in Santa hats, the bouncers wearing holly,
And tacky sequin party frocks lined up the racks quite jolly.

So I asked a shop assistant, if I could buy a jumper,
But he said that they had been replaced by stickers for a bumper,
Well, how about some winter boots? So sorry, only slippers,
Or a party box of Simpsons socks or festive frogman flippers.

But, I need to buy an overcoat, so I can watch the swifts,
Sorry, mate, there’s none in stock, we’re loaded down with gifts,
So I left that merry Christmas shop, my brow set in a frown,
But I went again at dead of night, and burned the bugger down.

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