Obliging Amanda

This is the story of Amanda Wray,
A girl who would, if they offered to pay,
She hung by her heels for the parish priest,
And let the vicar dip her in yeast.
The local doctor painted her pink,
And Constable Jones locked her up in the clink.

Her mother said, girl, this has got to stop,
You’ve turned our home to a knocking shop,
This constant whoring is making me nervous,
But Mum, said Amanda, it’s a public service.

I help them out, and let then wank,
They go off home, we have money in the bank,
They take off my clothes and do strange stuff,
But I make sure they pay me enough,
So please be assured that they bend to my will,
Now take a seat and man the till!

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Filed under black humor, black humour, Cautionary tale, comic verse, funny poem, humor, humorous verse, humour, Nonsense verse, whimsy

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