Seamus the Rock God Cat

There lived a cat called Seamus and he sang Led Zeppelin songs,
He liked to play at air guitar and bang on drums and gongs,
His bed had four-way stereo and a sixteen-gig i-pod,
And he’d even once played air guitar on a Bird’s Eye frozen cod.

One day he packed his duffle bag and went out on the road,
His mistress said I do not think that this full well does bode,
But Seamus went to Bolton town to play at the town hall,
And fan-cat girls from all around queued up to scream and squall.

He took the stage at ten-pm and played Whole Lot of Love,
And followed up with Levee-Break and then Wings of a Dove,
He was a hit, they loved him all, into their hearts did delve,
But he was back home safe and sound and all tucked up by twelve.



Filed under comic verse, funny poem, humorous verse, Nonsense verse, whimsy

2 responses to “Seamus the Rock God Cat

  1. I love this. I added it to my blog roll 🙂
    more more!

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