A Day in Fairyland

Riding Hood and Little Bo Peep, in the town with wealthy sheep,
Sold it down the Fairy Grotto, took it hard and fast and deep,
But they had a head for business, opened up in Grandma’s house,
Rates for wolves and rates for ogres, even rates for rat or mouse.

Riding Hood she pleased the punters, with her cape and coochie dance,
While Bo Peep used her strong lip suction, made the stallions dance and prance,
Giants, midgets, village fidgets, froggy kings and knights of old,
All come round to Grandma’s cottage, in the hay for to be rolled.

Evil queens in windy towers, curse the draw of Grandma’s house,
Curse and swear at their lost clients, “Don’t come back, you dirty louse!”
But one day Bo Peep got angry, said “It’s all a bloody farce,
I’ll do blow jobs, hand jobs, ho jobs, but not fucking up the arse!”

So the punters left the cottage, went back to their tower queens,
Bo peep said to Li’l Red Riding Hood: “Life ain’t worth a hill of beans!”

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