Song of the Serial Killer Babies

Have you ever noticed that when there’s a successful kids’ show on TV the marketing guys soon bring out a ‘babies’ version? Well, I thought, why should kids’ TV have all the fun…

My parents are Fred and Rosemary West,
When it comes to role models, they are the best,
If any kids at school, pick on me
Mum and Dad kill them, and eat them for tea.

My good friend Horace is visiting on Sunday
His dad, you know, is called Ted Bundy,
He’s teaching me how to use a hammer,
A skill he learned from little boy Dammer

Who learned the technique from Gerald and Lindley
The twins of Super Mum, Myra Hyndley.
They specialise in the killing of tots
Who they bury on deserted lots.

But my bestest best friend has already been,
Her name, you guessed it, is Amanda Gein,
She called this morning and strangled the maid,
Cooked the rabbit and got herself laid.
She’s the bestest best friend a boy could wish fer,
And she’s bringing a razor to make me her sister.

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