The Olive and the Mustard Seed

There once was an olive, his name was Fred,
He escaped one day from the olive oil shed,
“Nobody’s going to crush me till I bleed”
And he ran off with Alma, a mustard seed.

They mugged an owl and a tatty old cat,
Stole their boat and pork-pie hat,
And they sailed away across the ocean blue,
Until they landed in Timbuktu.

“Well, right,” said Fred, “This is the place
Where we make money and dress in lace”
And they set up a stall for tea and coffee,
And later they added cake and banoffee.

And the olive he said to his lady love,
“Ah, this is the life, we have a friend up above”,
But just at that moment it came on rain,
And they never ever said that again!


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Filed under comic verse, funny poem, humorous verse, literary parody, Nonsense verse

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