The Farmer’s Daughter

The boy stood on the burning deck, the flames were getting hotter,
He tossed his head, said, what the heck, and kissed the farmer’s daughter.
The farmer yelled across the field, Desist, you slimy toad,
But boy and girl refused to yield, and ran off down the road.

A cow was grazing by the gate, she sang a baleful moo,
The farmer, he got more irate, and caused a big to-do.
He yelled and screamed and beat his chest, he called out to his daughter,
But she was gone, and not in jest, and with a junior porter.

The farmer leapt upon the cow and shouted, Tally Ho!
We’ll catch them if we go just now, they’re in the yew hedge row.
But Cow, she stamped her cloven hoof, and said, Oh no, dear Farmer Giles,
I’m going to be a tad aloof, for chasing hurts my piles.


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Filed under comic verse, funny poem, humorous verse, Nonsense verse

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