The Storm Watchers – An Orkney Tapestry


The sea calls to us as we take our washing to the Broad Street Laundrette,
The sea calls to us as we dance the Westray One-Step at the Peedie Kirk.
“Feed our briefs!”

Saturday Song

Oh my name is Olga Sieverson, my sister’s name is Inga,
We live upon the Orkney Isles and to you we give the finger,
We may be peedie dumpy but to local bhouys we’re hot,
And we line up at the Burger Van at midnight on the dot.

We’ve knocked back Scapa doubles at a bar that’s called Taurvogue,
With Carlsberg strong lagers that are heated on the stove,
Then we meet up with our farmer lads called Erland, Siggy and Sven,
And fuck them up and doon the byre from twelve till god knows when.

On Sunday we bake chocolate cakes to sell at Birsay Hall,
And rake in loads of money from oor peedie baking stall,
Then on weekdays we gut herrings at a factory in Stromness,
But when the weekend comes around we do what we love best.


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