McGonagall’s Farewell to Dundee

Goodbye, my friends, I’m going away,
Over the bridge o’er the Silvery Tay,
I’ve an ache in my brain
So I’m taking the train,
To start a new life
In Fife.

Now it’s starting to rain
As I go for the train
And though it started out warm
There’s now quite a storm
The worst, in fact, I’ve ever seen,
In Dundee and nearby Magdalene Green.

As our train crosses the river,
I feel a wee quiver,
Then all of a sudden
Like yon big mealie puddin’,
We plummet down to the water
With an almighty clatter
And sink to the bottom of the Silvery Tay
As it flows past Perth and Dundee twice a day.

So it’s goodbye to the town,
For today I must drown,
And to the view that I saw
From the top of the Law,
So it’s goodbye, friends, goodbye,
This poet must die.


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