Faster, Terminator, Faster, Kill, Kill, Kill!

I watched the latest Terminator flick the other night, and, for some reason, got to wondering what kind of a job Russ Meyer would have made of the franchise.

There was a young fellow named Meyer,
Who was fond of the inflatable tyre,
But he thought, though, that tits,
Would get him more hits,
So he decided to put sex on the wires.

So he hired a broad known as Kitten,
Who, as a robot, had audiences smitten,
When she ripped off her bra,
The boys shouted “Ahhh!”,
Then she shot through her nipples, which was fittin’.

The plot it was flimsy and thin,
Though the church still said it was sin,
But the nude Terminators,
Inspired masturbators,
And the box office declared it a win.

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Filed under comic verse, Film, humorous verse, parody, whimsy

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