T S Elliot – This Is Your Life!

Let us go then, you and I,
To a studio that’s deserted and dry,
Like a TV show bereft of ratings.
Let us go to where our relatives shout “Surprise”
And Eamonn Andrews reads from a book that’s projected on a screen.
Ah, you’ve grown old, you’ve grown old,
And April always was the cruellest month,
And here’s your cat, Old Deuteronomy,
You haven’t seen him since that cocktail party that was held
After the murder in the cathedral,
And don’t forget your first love,
Mrs Potter’s daughter,
A story that we got from your confidential clerk,
He’s brought you flowers, by the way, violets from a dead land,
And here you are on Margate Sands,
Now bow your head, gone slightly bald,
Upon our platter, the programme’s over,
‘Twas no great matter,
And the advertisers will sing jug-jug to dirty ears….

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Filed under comic verse, humorous verse, literary parody, parody, whimsy

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