If Lewis Carroll Had Been a Beatnik Poet in the 1960s

you stand at the blackboard, Jabberwocky,
talking of cabbages and kings,
and a rocket attack due to


the Mad Hater’s happening at oh-one-hundred hours.
the dormouse’s teapot is, however, melamine,
and will not be harmed,
unlike his parents, king and queen of hearts,
they fuck you up,
as do the Walrus and the Carpenter,
tonight at noon,
the White Rabbit, waving a valedictory hand as if to bless,
will read from Chairman Mao’s book of Cheshire Cats,
raggy, saggy, baggy old cats,
before the Red Queen will chant Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Min
and migrate through the looking glass to Hanoi,
the Snark will be hunted on Greenham Common
and have his pants pulled down,
in Wonderland
where the Mock Turtle is Pooh Bear.


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