Harry Potter and the Half-Baked Plot

I sat up till god-know-when the other night watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which seemed to go on for an awful long time and didn’t make much sense. I guess I should have read the books…

J K Rowling wrote the tale of Harry Potter,
A wee story in her English homework jotter,
‘Twas a modest little yarn,
‘Bout creatures in a barn,
And a farmer who was a bit of a rotter.

She took it to a publishing firm,
Who said this will not really burn,
But if we swap your agricultural lizard,
For a specky boy wizard,
We might give your book half a turn.

So they brought in their editing tool,
And made the MS super-cool,
As they’ve no need of razors,
We’ll dress them in blazers,
And make a new magic Chalet School.

And the money kept rolling in,
It filled up two jars and a tin,
They said this is magic,
If possibly tragic,
That it’s made us so rich it’s a sin.


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Filed under comic verse, Film, humorous verse, parody, whimsy

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