Poem in the Scots on the Films of Lynne Ramsay

There’s grey sky ahent the multis and tramps sit on the street,
Some weans are eating sweeties and a babe’s aboot tae greet,
Then a tiny wee-bit lassie, shouts “Action!” through the rain,
And everything goes grimy, frae sky tae window pane.
The hero smokes a Woodbine and sports a three-day stumble,
The heroine is chewing gum and blows a mega bubble,
They’re oot at Paddy’s Market, drinking mugs o’ instant coffee,
And later they go doon the shop for fags an’ bags o’ toffee,
There’s rubbish in the streets, of course, oh gritty seventies setting,
And of course they have the C word and underage bum petting,
But we know it’s nearly over when the heroine shows her butt,
And everyone looks happy when the director shouts oot: “Cut!”


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Filed under comic verse, Film, humorous verse, whimsy

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