Watermelon Lullaby

There’s a big silver moon in the watermelon sky,

There’s a triplet doing washing and it’s hanging out to dry,

There’s a watermelon sun in the watermelon sea,

And a melon-boat a-sailing off for baby and for me.

There’s a watermelon man and he’s eating toast and jam,

And a watermelon baby that’s cooking eggs and ham,

There’s a watermelon nurse with a watermelon purse,

And a watermelon prostitute who’s learning how to curse.

There’s snake who bowls for England and a dog who cooks for France,

There’s a grizzly bear with ginger hair who’s learning how to dance,

There’s a cat who sings the Marseilles and a bird who sings the blues,

And a sailor boy, a bendy toy, who is cleaning piles of shoes.

So that’s the end of watermelon, we hope you liked your stay,

Goodbye, farewell, now go to sleep, we’re fading quite away.


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Filed under comic verse, funny poem, humorous verse, whimsy

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