The Theory of Relativity

Albert Einstein had a dog, his name was Relativity,

Who lived in Einstein’s basement, with gas and electricity,

Relativity had a theory involving ticking rockets,

But Albert Einstein heard his thoughts and put them in his pockets,

Relativity barked all night, barked for his lost theory,

But our boy Albert stole it away, and locked it in his eyrie.



Filed under comic verse, funny poem, humorous verse

6 responses to “The Theory of Relativity

  1. I’ve never read this one. Why haven;t I read this one? Are you hiding poesms from e? What else are youhiding? Where if the £15,000,000, butch? (That was supposed to be bitch but I hit the worng key. Oops, did it again…)

  2. Oops again, that should be ‘are you hiding poems from me’. And you hiding is two words. I went to the big school, you know…..

  3. It’s nice to know that I’m getting comments from such educated people already

  4. Hey, I’m educated alright. I’m just drunk…

  5. You never shared your meths with me…

  6. It’s Xmas; we don’t do meths at Xmas. Xmas means RED drinks; we’re on the nail polish remover…

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